Industrial Salts / Pillow Type Tablet Salt

Pillow Type Tablet Salt

Pillow Type Tablet Salt In drinking water with a pH value of 9 and above, in pool water with a high pH value, in textile dyehouses, in order to reduce the pH value of waste water in treatment plants, to establish the pH balance of the water in steam boilers, in the cleaning of heat exchangers and condensers, in water used for industry. It is used to reduce and stabilize hardness.

Pillow Type Tablet Salt

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Sertlik (A.S.) 10—15    
NaCI (%) 96—98    
Ca+2 (%) 0,10—0,15    
Mg+2 (%) 0,010—0,025    
CI- (%) 59—60    
SO4-2 (%) 0,2—0,4    
Fe (ppm) 1,2—2    
F- (ppm) 16—20    
Mn (ppm) 0,3—0,6    
Alkalilik (%) 0,03—0,08    
Suda Erimeyen Madde (%) 0,10—0,15    
Nem (%) 0,5—1,0    
pH 7,5


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