Industrial Salts / Refined Powdered Salt

Refined Powdered Salt

Food Industry (it can be used in many areas such as cooking salt, brine salt, pickle salt, cheese, bread and bakery products, dried nuts, shelled snacks)

Chemical Industry (It is used in liquid products (liquid soap, shampoo, liquid detergent, etc.) due to its salt thickening feature), as a separator due to increasing the buoyancy of water, and to produce different products with various chemical reactions. It is used directly in products and as an auxiliary substance in the chemical industry. Salt is one of the main actors.The origin of many well-known chemicals is salt.

Apart from these, Powdered Salts; It is used in detergent manufacturing, nut manufacturers, ceramic industry, bread ovens, pepper manufacturing, cosmetics industry and many other production stages.

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Nem - Moisture 0,5 ASTM E534 0-210 / Micron
Sodyum Klorür - NaCı 98 ASTM E534 0-210 / Micron
Suda çözünmeyem - Insoloble matrer 0,2 ASTM E534 0-210 / Micron
Kalsiyum Ca 0,09 ASTM E534 0-210 / Micron
Magnezyum Mg 0,04 ASTM E534 0-210 / Micron
Sülfat So4 0,40 ASTM E534 0-210 / Micron
Magnezyumsülfat MgSo4 0,04 ASTM E534 0-210 / Micron
Magnezyumklorür MgCI2 0,30 ASTM E534 0-210 / Micron
Kalsiyumsülfat CaSo4 0,35 ASTM E534 0-210 / Micron


It also carries out studies to raise awareness about salt usage, while delivering it in the healthiest way, which is the Balance of Life.

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