Industrial Salts / Refined Salt Tablet

Refined Salt Tablet

The refined tablet salt , which is preferred in the regeneration of water softener devices, is removed from the cave, then liquefied with fresh water, separated from the class and from the class and refined. Then, the swarm, which has been re-salted with hot water and steam technology, is dried. The son is shaped by automatic press and will be applied after being refined and applied.

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Nem - Moisture 0,5 ASTM E534  
Sodyum Klorür - NaCı 98 ASTM E534  
Suda çözünmeyem - Insoloble matrer 0,2 ASTM E534  
Kalsiyum Ca 0,09 ASTM E534  
Magnezyum Mg 0,04 ASTM E534  
Sülfat So4 0,40 ASTM E534  
Magnezyumsülfat MgSo4 0,04 ASTM E534  
Magnezyumklorür MgCI2 0,30 ASTM E534  
Kalsiyumsülfat CaSo4 0,35 ASTM E534


It also carries out studies to raise awareness about salt usage, while delivering it in the healthiest way, which is the Balance of Life.

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