Industrial Salts / Washed Salt

Washed Salt

Washed Salt Is First Crushed After It Is Taken From The Lake. After some processes, it is washed to become a high quality salt and packaged according to demand. It is a salt used in industry and many fields.

Washed Salt

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Sertlik (A.S.) 16    
NaCI (%) 98    
Ca+2 (%) 0,10    
Mg+2 (%) 0,010    
CI- (%) 59,6    
SO4-2 (%) 0,2    
Fe (ppm) 1,2    
NH4+ (%) 0,12    
F- (ppm) 16    
Mn (ppm) 0,3    
Serbest CI2 (ppm) 0,6    
Alkalilik (%) 0,03    
Suda Erimeyen Madde (%) 0,12    
Nem (%) 2,5    
pH 8,5


It also carries out studies to raise awareness about salt usage, while delivering it in the healthiest way, which is the Balance of Life.

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