Sea Salt

Sea Salt

Sea Salt

One of the true sources of salt is sea salt. Sea salt, which is a natural salt, is very rich in chemicals and consists of more elements than others. There are 84 other elements in sea salt along with NaCl. Therefore, it is very useful, an important source of healing.
Our body is made up of the combination of Salt and Water. Therefore, water and salt are substances that provide the balance of our lives.

Another benefit of sea salt is that it is an effective bath material when exposed to radiation. Although the sea salt reserves are endless, production depends on the capacity of the docking facilities and the climatic conditions. Ayvalık and Çamaltı saltworks are operated as sea salt mines in our country, and the capacity of Çamaltı saltworks has the opportunity to reach 1,000,000 tons/year if the necessary investments are made due to the extremely suitable climate of the region. However, the current actual production amounts are around 500,000 tons/year on average. The fact that our country is surrounded by sea on three sides shows that we are extremely lucky in terms of sea salt operations. From this, it is clearly understood that the sea salt mines are unrivaled in this regard with their endless reserves.

Natural salt contains all the elements that should be found in our physical body. Sea salt, which is one of the natural salts, helps body fluids to pass freely from the cells. Sea salt contains most of the minerals necessary for the human body in appropriate proportions. For this reason, unprocessed sea salt is important for human health. Natural sea salt can also provide the body with essential minerals and trace minerals. There are surprising similarities between the chemical and mineral compositions of our blood and salty fluids and sea water. The embryo in the womb is contained in a sac filled with salt water. Sea water contains 84 mineral elements and these elements are found in the human body. According to modern science, although 24 of these elements are essential for life, the proper balance of 84 elements is essential for a good healthy body. Ion loss causes imbalances, disruptions in cell production and growth. Cell losses cause nervous disorders, brain defects, muscle diseases. Therefore, the proper mineral balance of salts and ions in the blood is of great importance for health, that is, for the balance of life. Many diseases are caused by mineral deficiency. Most of these minerals are found in sea salt. Sea salt contains almost all the minerals we need in a very balanced ratio. Because sea water, which is the source of this salt, is composed of minerals similar to our blood. A pinch of sea salt allows us to absorb many minerals. Since sea salt is not processed so that it is fluid or does not absorb moisture, it is also presented in our grinding, that is, milled salt shaker type packages, in a way that allows us to use it comfortably.


It also carries out studies to raise awareness about salt usage, while delivering it in the healthiest way, which is the Balance of Life.

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