Spring Salt

Spring Salt

Spring Salt

Apart from rock salts, there are also streams, wells, springs and lakes whose water contains more or less salt. In general, their source is rock salts.
As the streams of groundwater pass through a layer of rock salt, they dissolve some of the salts and take them into their own body and bring them to the surface in the form of wells and brooks. The NaCl content of these waters becomes more or less proportional to the contact time and severity of the fresh water with the salt layer.

The spring saltpans in our country are Ağa, Hıvır, Göneli, İşhan, Serhal, Çarkı, Cedit, Hamo, Fadlum, Chicken, Hargün, Göleris, Coal, Timisi, Yerhan, Aşkale, Bingöl, Perobey, Alibaba, Boncuk, Kıhtik, Çökender, Kırmızı, While some of them were operated with many salts such as Bar, Canik, Yerli, Taytak, Muhlis, Tatos, Aktuzla, some of them were not operated or ceased to be operated because they were not economical.


It also carries out studies to raise awareness about salt usage, while delivering it in the healthiest way, which is the Balance of Life.

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